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About Dr. Frazier

Kids Wellness Program & health concerns

We have our kids wellness program for children

At Absolute Health we treat a wide variety of Children heallth concerns.  Including but not limited to this list:

Learning Disorders, ADD or ADHD, Autism and the many different children in the Autism Spectrum (ASD)*.

Infant Colic, ear aches and infections, Growing pains and of course the common cold and flu with out drugs.

Headaches, Asthma, Digestive imbalances, Food and Outdoor Allergies and of course rashes and eczema.

Sports type injuries or the many falls and bumps received by life as a active healthy child grows up.  We treat many health concerns for growing children and the many concerns of a loving parent.

*Dr. Frazier has been featured on the Utah News succesfully treating Autism, as well as multiple radio interviews discussing the potential and succesful treatments for Autism and Children in that Spectrum.   Here is the link.

Kid wellness day visits are 3 –5 minute appointments and are designed to give the child structural wellness to support an active and healthy childhood.

The goal of kid wellness visits is to support all children and have them grow healthy and strong with maintenance or support visits as needed. Dr. Frazier recommends at a minimum to have each child adjusted 4x a year, but preferably monthly.

The new program allows the entire family to get healthy together and children can now come in more than once a month.  Our office has walk-in hours Monday through Wednesday from 3 - 5 p.m. so you can bring your kids by for a quick visit after school.