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About Dr. Frazier





*Dr. Frazier has been featured on the Utah News succesfully treating Autism, as well as multiple radio interviews discussing the potential and succesful treatments for Autism and Children in that Spectrum.   Here is the link.

Piece # 1 Consultation

To review medical history and previously performed testing. We are interested in learning what has been done and what has worked for you.  The consultation will help evaluate the patient’s current status so we may move forward.

Piece # 2 Computerized Evaluation to evaluate the following:

Toxins, Allergens, Pathogens, Organ Function, Hormone, Neurological Toxins, and Stress Regulators.  The computer evaluation allows us to find positive nutritional influences, supplements to correct health, and homeopathics to support formulas. With this evaluation we are allowed to provide personalized protocol and individual physiological and emotional support.

Piece # 3 Adjustments and Proprioception Stimulation

Chiropractic adjustments and cranial adjustments paired with proprioception    stimulation with allow structural and neurological alignments.

Piece # 4 Visceral organ and internal organ adjustments

Proper organ function which is critical, especially for the digestive system.

Piece # 5 Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy will support and stimulate as the tissues of the body heals.  It assists in Neurological activity and stability as well as tissue repair.  Improves cellular function, repair tissue, stimulate growth and reduce inflammation.

Piece # 6 Review and Evaluate progress

Monitoring dietary changes and nutritional needs as well as monitoring all homeopathics is key, as progression will occur and updates will be needed.  We also will discuss and plan future care and integration of other support therapies.

Piece # 7 Utilization of other beneficial services

We offer many other services that are beneficial and while some of them may be advised during evaluations, all are healthy ways of continuing your healing process.

-body/neurological balance -bio cleanse

-color therapy        -emotional process

-acupuncture        -homeopathic injection therapy

-structural integration massage  -and more…