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About Dr. Frazier

RSV and his lungs were too weak in an infant

Landon's first doctor visit was at 4 weeks old. I was told to watch him closely. At 7 weeks I took him back to the doctor. He was taken by ambulance directly to Primary Children's Medical Center. Twenty-four hours later he was fighting for his life. They identified a viral pattern in both lungs, but were not able to recognize the virus. His oxygen levels were in the mid-seventies. His heart rate was high and his respiratory rate was dangerously fast. He was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and immediately put on life support. After 5 days he was strong enough to breathe on his own. He had been out of intensive care for about 24 hours, when he was transferred back and they managed to keep him off the life support by using CPAP. After 12 long days at Primary's most of the time spent in ICU, we were able to go home, but he was still on oxygen. When he slept his levels would go down to the mid-eighties.

Two and a half months later we went back to Primary's. This time he had RSV and his lungs were too weak to fight it. Our stay this time was only 4 days. The doctor put a lot of pressure on me to give him his immunizations. I had read an article connecting them to autism and I did more research. I did not find anything to convince me to go ahead with them. In fact, with his lungs so weak, I believe they would have been terrible for him. He was still tied to the oxygen.

The day we came home, my aunt called me with Dr. Frazier's name and phone number. The next week I took him to Dr. Frazier who spent more than an hour listening to his story and examining him. He charged me $25.00 for this visit. Compared to the other bills we had received, this was minimal, and I felt like Dr. Frazier really wanted to help. Dr. Frazier adjusted Landon 2-3 times a week for the next three weeks at no cost.

I started monitoring his oxygen levels and they were in the mid-nineties, even when he slept! I monitored him for 6 weeks. His oxygen levels have been normal ever since. He had several episodes of restricted breathing in the next several months. I had been told he would likely have asthma. He is now 21 months old and has not had breathing troubles for over 8 months. He had been referred to a lung specialist at Primary Children's by the doctors there and by his Primary care physician. When I tried to schedule him, I was so grateful to tell them what his oxygen levels had been and that we no longer needed an appointment! Also Dr. Frazier supported me in not having Landon's immunizations done. He agreed that they could have been disastrous for him.

I am so grateful for the care Landon has received. All of my children are now regular patients, as am I. I was glad to find a chiropractor who was familiar with babies and children and who was knowledgeable in so many areas. I was also able to find help for myself to start to overcome the fear that had filled me during Landon's sickness, and to overcome the tension. I would highly recommend Dr. Frazier and the staff at Absolute Health.

Mareena C.