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Mercury poisoning because of a filling being cracked in my tooth

I was asked by Dr. Frazier to relate my experience with mercury poisoning because of a filling being cracked in my tooth.

In March of 2002 I had half my face go numb. I was seeing a chiropractor in Salt Lake at the time. I thought it was going numb because of stress, which could be causing me to have a pinched nerve in my neck or something like that. I had had problems with my neck before and thought an adjustment or two would fix it. It did fix it, but a week or so later my chin and tongue went numb. Then I would get so dizzy I could hardly walk straight. A short time after that my feet started to hurt and go numb as well.

I thought it must be stress related and kept seeing the chiropractor. After a few months of things not getting better, the chiropractor told me to go see a doctor. The doctor made a CAT scan appointment for a few weeks later. In the meantime, my husband and I decided we wanted to adopt. The adoption agency required a physical. When the doctor saw me, he asked how the numbness and dizziness was going. By now the pain had moved into my legs. He became very concerned and changed the CAT scan to an MRI.

When the results came back, I was diagnosed with MS. It was one of the most devastating things I had ever heard. I had an uncle who had MS and it was the most horrific drawn out vegetable death I had ever seen. I could hardly stand it. I was not going in a wheelchair and I could not take it lying down. I decided to fight it with all I had in me.

I went to a specialist and he told me that a drug called Avenex was the best thing out there for my type of MS remission re-occurring MS. It would slow it down by one third. It took several months to get everything lined up and in the mean time the pain in my legs got worse and I had a hard time sleeping with it. The doctor put me on pain pills, telling me to increase them up to 12 a day if needed and that the more I took, the more my body would build up to the pain tolerance. It never got close to the pain and just made me sleep a lot and feel tired all the time.

By chance, I was talking to a client friend, she told me to try ice to see if it would numb the pain. It was amazing I could stand the pain. It was not solving the problem, but it gave me temporary relief. I sewed a washcloth in half and put a velcro and elastic to keep it around my leg and filled it with an ice pack.

I was taking a shot of Avenex once a week and feeling like I had the flu almost all the time. The shot was every Tuesday night and my husband would give it to me. I hated it!!! I would just start to feel okay on Tuesday, when Tuesday night would roll around again. Wednesday I would just be wiped out, sleeping most of the day.

By now we had bought a home. I will still remember moving in and coming through the front door, I felt so sick and drugged up, I hoped to not live past 5 years. I remember thinking that if this was the best the doctor could do for me, it was not a very good best. I was determined that I was going to find a better way to treat the MS.

A friend told me about Absolute Health shortly before we moved, so I found the number and called. A life changing call!!! It took 2 weeks to get in and then hope was on the horizon.

It took a few months, but after giving up the shots, the flu feeling finally left me. A short time later the dizziness came under control and my hands and face didn't get as numb as before.

After a year or so went by, I was doing much better, but my feet and legs were giving me a hard time. Then all of a sudden I developed allergies to my laundry detergent, hair spray, then and a blanket on our bed. My dentist discovered I had a cracked filling. I told Dr. Frazier about it and he gave me a dentists name to make sure it was removed properly. If not it could take an extra year or more to get the mercury out of my body. I felt I had been through enough. I didn't want it to take a day or more than it had to.

I started the detox in January of 2004 for mercury. After three months, I got back on the computer to find the mercury had acted like a magnet and I had every other kind of metal in my body that was listed on the computer. The one I remember the most was titanium. Not to my knowledge a common thing I would find in just any old place. I had been doing the homeopathic drops and at least two bio-cleanses a week for almost a year now. I had a friend read somewhere that to get rid of mercury on your own, without the aid of a doctor, takes about 21 years, I am hoping to do it in just over a year, which would put this whole nasty experience over in just three years. That is plenty of time.

I thank God for the friends who gave me Dr. Frazier's name and pray everyone has as much success or more than I have had with Absolute Health.

Tammie I.