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About Dr. Frazier

Laser Therapy

Class IV Lazer Therapy

I am excited to announce that we have some of the newest technologies available. The class IV laser is finally something new with extremely high potential to help every single patient. As many of the patients of Absolute Health are already aware we do many modern and cutting edge techniques. I am always looking and learning to incorporate new healing skills and technologies into the health and recovery of patients.


So What makes the Laser so good and beneficial:

Accelerated tissue repair, Faster wound healing, Reduce scar tissue formation, Reduce Inflammation, Reduce pain, Improved circulation, Improved nerve function and nerve repair, Improved immune activity, Relaxation of muscles, Reduce edema and swelling to name a few of the many proven clinical benefits. As well as performance enhancement and quicker recovery after physical exertion.

So what types of conditions can the laser help with?

Pain is probably the most common ailment we treat with the laser. Pain just about anywhere in the body, joint pains like in arthritis, Sports injury pains, Chronic pain like back or spine pain, Dental pain, Headaches, Muscles strains, Fibromyalgia pain, Neuropathy pain, Burns, ulcers and even the pain from cold sores and Herpes Zoster—Shingles Pain. The laser also has an ability to support the body in fighting infection and can be used in skin care, fungus toenails, sore throats, sinus infections and more.

I invite everyone to come in and experience the laser for yourself or at the very least ask questions so you can benefit from the healing effects when your in need. Please share with others the exciting new options available in health care.

I look forward to seeing you and supporting your good health.Dr. Troy Frazier .

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