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Bio-sonic Therapt

Bio-sonic Re-patterning, developed by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is a natural method of healing using tuning forks. When we listen to the sound of the tuning forks our nervous system attunes to the pitch in much the same way as when we find a pitch for a choir or tune a piano. The vestibular system via the semi-circular resets and rebalances the nervous system. During the listening process, our physical body will actually re-posture itself to hold the sound correctly.

biosonic-tuning_forkJohn Beaulieu discovered Bio-sonic Re-patterning while sitting in an anechoic chamber at New York University. An anechoic chamber is a completely soundproof room resembling a sensory deprivation chamber. After reading about the experiences of the composer-philosopher, John Cage, he decided to experiment. John Cage found that he had heard two sounds while in the chamber, one was a high-pitched sound and the other was a low-pitched sound. The engineer he was working with informed him that the high sound was his nervous system, and the low sound was his blood in circulation. Excited by this discovery John Beaulieu then sat in an anechoic chamber for five hundred hours over a period of two years listening to the sounds of his body. He began to correlate different states of consciousness with different sounds of his nervous system. Being a trained musician, he noticed that the high pitched sounds of his nervous system consisted of several sounds in different intervals. Then one day he brought two tuning fork and tapped them. Immediately, he observed that the sounds of his nervous system realigned to the sound of the tuning forks.

To understand this process, remember a time when you were in a quiet place or just before going to sleep. During this time you may have heard a high pitched sound in your head. This is the sound of your nervous system. When you are under stress this sound gets louder and sometimes can become a ringing in the ears. For most of us this sound is subtle and we only hear it when we focus on it. Tuning into the sound of your nervous system is a meditation. Find a quiet place, sit or lay down, close your eyes and focus your awareness on the sounds inside your head. Listen for the high sound. When you listen closely you will discover that sounds consist of two distinct pitches. These pitches originate from your left and right brain hemispheres. These pitches change in frequency, volume, and pitch depending on your state of consciousness.

As you listen to the two different tones, your body will naturally adjust itself and come into balance, making the two sounds into one. You can hum and let your voice resonate with the sound of the interval. This humming creates a sonic anchor, which helps you recreate the experience of the tuning forks without having to use them.

How is Bio-sonic Therapy used in Healing?

The two purest forms of energy are light and sound. Energy is simply vibrational frequency, and vibration is life. Every cell, tissue, and organ has a distinct vibrational frequency. When a tissue or organ is in a state of disease the energy or vibrational frequencies of that tissue may be out of balance. Giving the body the vibrational frequency that is out of balance, using tuning forks, gives the diseased tissue an energetic boost and brings its vibrational frequency back into balance, promoting the healing process.