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Your body is a truly amazing organism. You probably never thought of it that way, because you never had to. When you were born, your body put all the right parts in all the right places. Your arms grew at the same rate. You recovered from cuts and colds. It only seemed natural.

That's just the point. It is natural. In addition to keeping everything running smoothly, ychiropracticour body has the uncanny capacity to heal itself.

To do so, your body depends on a communication system of nerves to get messages to and from your brain. This communication system is called the nervous system. When a part of your body needs help, it sends signals via this nerve system to your brain, which sends back the proper signals to provide help.

In fact, these nerves are so important, your body protects them with 24 bones called vertebrae . As you bend or twist, these vertebrae, which make up your spinal column, bend or twist with you. Thick cushions called discs pad each vertebra. Muscles and ligaments help hold them in position. On paper, it all works perfectly.


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