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Absolute Health Center Testimonials

RSV and his lungs were too weak in an infant

Landon's first doctor visit was at 4 weeks old. I was told to watch him closely. At 7 weeks I took him back to the doctor. He was taken by ambulance directly to Primary Children's Medical Center. Twenty-four hours later he was fighting for his life. They identified a viral pattern in both lungs, but were not able to recognize the virus. His oxygen levels were in the mid-seventies. His heart rate was high and his respiratory rate was dangerously fast. He was transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and immediately put on life support. After 5 days he was strong enough to breathe on his own. He had been out of intensive care for about 24 hours, when he was transferred back and they managed to keep him off the life support by using CPAP. After 12 long days at Primary's most of the time spent in ICU, we were able to go home, but he was still on oxygen. When he slept his levels would go down to the mid-eighties.


Problem with chronic diarrhea, chronic fatigue, abdominal pain & food intolerances

I came to Dr. Frazier about 4 months ago with chief complaints being chronic diaherria, chronic fatigue, abdominal pain, food intolerances, and female problems, particularly related to endometriosis. These symptoms had been present and chronic for 5 years. I had lost over 30 pounds and would have fainting spells. I had had three surgeries in the past, a colonoscopy, and 2 barium x-rays, all of which gave me no improvement.

Within two weeks of seeing Dr. Frazier, my diaherria ceased and has not returned. The pain in my abdomen is now very mild and I had a very pain free, normal period for the first time in years this month. I know sleep 8 hours a night and occasionally take a nap, whereas before I needed at least 10 hours of sleep and always had to have a nap just to function.

The quality of my life has dramatically improved since January and will continue to do so.


Grateful Patient.

I had acne problems and bumps on my face that never went away

I heard about Absolute Health and Dr. Frazier from my mom who was a patient of his. My mom thought I should try seeing him because I had bad acne and bumps on my face that never went away. Other doctors were not able to give me reasons for this. I did some computer analysis testing and found out that there were some viruses and bacteria stuck in my system. I felt like I had really found some answers.

Since I have been going to Absolute Health, the bumps have disappeared and not returned and my acne has improved a lot.

Michelle C.

Severe stomach pain and low back disc problems

I originally started seeing Dr. Frazier in April of 1999. I had severe stomach pain and low back disc problems along with emotional trauma. Dr. Frazier was able to give me the proper attention I needed and I finally found like I had some real help and answers nutritionally and physically. Now my back is stronger and my overall health is much improved.

I know that Dr. Frazier has better resolutions to health concerns and continued health support. Because of his help I was able to avoid having back surgery. I like the natural approach to healing and focus on the triad of health.

Nancy C.

Dr. Frazier helped me avoid surgery after breaking my wrist

I broke my wrist. It was set, but didn't end up healing right. The doctor wanted to do surgery on it. I wanted to talk to Dr. Frazier first. My daughter had been going to him and felt he could help me. He did and I didn't have to have the surgery. I broke my arm a few years later and didn't have much motion. I had Dr. Frazier help me to have more motion in that arm. I also had a double knee bone replacement and I recovered very well.

I am very impressed in the method and their attitude towards their patient's and how much better I feel.


Grateful Patient

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