Ozone therapy

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What is Ozone Therapy?

When most people think of Ozone they think of the atmosphere. Where oxygen is mixed with ultra violet light and or when oxygen encounters electrical dischargers in the atmosphere. Ozone is O3 it is a gas consisting of three atoms of oxygen. The ozone gas can be created under medical conditions and be used in a variety of ways to treat pain and diseases and many conditions. The use of Ozone has been around over 150 years. With improvements in technology and research the applications have grown in recent years.

What can be treated by Ozone?

Ozone can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It is commonly used along with other treatments. Ozone is great for chronic and acute conditions. Inflammatory conditions either autoimmune, infection, wounds and allergies. Ozone is well known for treating pain in all areas of the body. The body utilizes oxygen everywhere!
Frequently treated conditions: Pain in the Knees, Ankles, Hips, Hands, Shoulders, Elbows, Feet, Wrists, Ribs, Spine, Back, Neck, and many other joints. Inflammation in all the above listed joints as well as Muscles and Ligaments. Arthritis of all types. Neuropathy and Nerve Pain can be treated with Ozone Therapy. Some patients report immediate relief while others may need a series of treatments.
Infections like Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Shingles, Acne, Wounds, Psoriasis, Cold Sores the Flu and more.

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How does Ozone Work?

Ozone is a potent oxidant. Oxidation is an important process when it comes to cellular or microbial activity. In vitro, Ozone has been shown to weaken or damage microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast. Ozone introduced into the body can optimize oxygen levels or stimulate the immune system. In fact, Ozone Therapy is best used for treatments that require immunomodulation or oxygen efficiency. The practice of ozone therapy has been deemed safe and effective by researchers and clinicians alike, and has proven to be a valid treatment with minimal and preventable side effects.

The Use of Ozone Therapy for musculo-skeletal conditions utilizes the bodies need to utilize oxygen the healing process. Oxygen is used in all tissues of the body and used to stimulate tissue healing. Many times, a tissue is in pain due to lack of oxygen in the tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon). Adding Ozone to the tissue is literally injecting oxygen to the tissue to assist the body in healing. Pain has been reportedly reduced when Ozone Therapy is applied to the area of pain.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

The Ozone is created from pure oxygen via medical Ozone generator. The newly made Ozone gas is then filled into the syringe and is ready for administration to the patient. Depending on the injection site or treatment method the body is prepared and the doctor will apply the Ozone Therapy.
Ozone can be introduced into the body through several methods. It may be mixed with gases or liquids and combined with blood or injected intravenously or subcutaneously. It may be applied through routes that include the muscle tissue or joint area. Topical approaches can include bagging and ozonated water or oils. Autohemotherapy and insufflation techniques can be used to affect the systemic or local systems of the body.


Ozone Joint Therapy (OJT)

How would you like to get rid of your joint pain with a few healthy shots? OJT is potentially a great treatment for aching joints, bad backs, injured ligaments, sore muscles and the like.
OJT can be divided into two parts. The first part is to add a mix of homeopathic or nutrients. The second is Ozone is added to the mix and injected into the area of treatment. The combination causes regeneration and rebuilding of new connective tissues like ligaments and cartilage.
Inflammation is decreased and the weak area of the joint are made stronger again. Commonly an injured or degenerative joint will take a series of injections (3-5) over the course of weeks. You can generally expect 15% to 255 improvement or more with each injection.

Medical Properties of Ozone

From its initial discovery, Ozone has been used for its antimicrobial properties. Ozone serves to regulate the immune system by stimulating the production of key signaling proteins that elicit the destructions of microbes. The immune systems primary function is to identify and attack foreign substances that cause inflammation and damage to the body. Ozone has anti-inflammatory properties. Ozone has hemodynamic properties, meaning it positively impacts blood flow and circulation throughout the body. Ozone stimulates the uptake of the body. It stimulates the uptake and utilization of oxygen by the body’s cells. It does this by activating the Krebs Cycle (the process your body uses to make ATP ---- Energy). It stimulates the functions of the body to prevent cellular damage which is common pathway for things like cancer, aging and disease.


1-Ozone improves blood circulation and oxygen delivery to injured tissues. 2-Improves oxygen delivery, enhancing the metabolism. 3-It up-regulates the cellular antioxidant enzymes. 4- Ozone induces activation of the immune system and enhances the release of growth factors. 5- It has excellent disinfectant activities when topically used. 6- No side effects at treatment site. 7- Ozone stimulates the neuro-endocrine system.
Ozone should not be inhaled under any circumstances. If it does go into the mouth nose or eyes it can burn and cause coughing, nausea, vomiting, or headaches. Avoid Ozone Therapy if allergic to Ozone.